Meet the Team!

Kevin White

Bio: "I'm a humble guy with a dream. Been in DeFi since 2019. Crypto in general a bit longer than that. I believe strongly in transparency even if such transparency is bad news. Investors always have a right to know. PTC is more than just a promise for me. It's also how i'll launch revolutionary Concepts and together we'll create an Ecosystem like no other."

Dean Hopefield

Bio: "I'm a software developer with a passion for the exciting realm of Crypto and DeFi. My expertise in software development has driven me to delve deeper into the world of web3 and explore the endless possibilities it holds for the future."

Pouya Paad

Bio: "I'm a dynamic person who likes to explore and learn with a passion for art & drawing. I've studied Software engineering & web design. I believe that web3 technology & Crypto will revolutionize the way we interact with the world and bring about a more equitable future for all."


Bio: TBU

TTM (The Third Man)

Bio: TBU


Bio: Trained in IT many years ago, lifelong tech and gadget freak. Believer that Crypto and DeFi will change the world, passionate to see it used safely and responsibly.

Attention: Please do note none of our Team members will DM you of any kind! If anyone does, always check the Discord ID number after the # mentioned in our usernames here, to avoid scammers. The only way to contact us is through support tickets in our discord.

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