XRP rewards system

Each user who stakes their PTC token receives rewards based on their percentage of PTC Token share amount in pool(% based) e.g. if total users combined staked is 120 billion and a user owns 12 billion

12B /120B = 10% of pool share

e.g. and if $1,000 worth of Binance pegged XRP is added to pool ( XRP) $1,000 XRP x 0.10 = $100 is his reward which is drip paid daily over 365 days (30 days staking PTC is still required & not claimable until 30 day stake is done)

$100 / 365 = 0.27397260273972 cents worth of XRP a day

The user must stake in the pool for 30 days to earn rewards and re-stake every 30 days to continue receiving rewards. e.g:

Over 30 days = 0.27397260273972 cents x 30 days = $8.21917808219178 XRP reward

If extra XRP are added to the reward pool then dApp recalculates everyone's rewards.

NOTE: If new people leave (staking timer done) or join, pool % dynamic updates. If more XRP is added to contract, Reward amount and % updates.

There will be two staking fees (not including gas fees): 1) A PTC Staking burn fee. Currently it is set to 40,000 Tokens but we will change it in the future. Tokens are burned to the 0x0000...dead null address. This is absolutely necessary in our effort to burn more Tokens increasing scarcity. 2) A BNB Staking fee paid to the Treasury. It is 25 cents worth of bnb as of now.

The BNB staking fee will be updated and increased when the rewards pool are increased. It will get stored in contract and then withdrawn every once in a while when it's worth withdrawing from.

To be clear, the token tax have gotten reduced from 15% to 0.5% when Staking contract went LIVE on 14th May, 2023. The total tax is 1% (0.5% reflections and 0.5% dev) where it will remain from that point on to ensure PTC can be more open market.

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