PTC Phoenix Odyssey (Gen2)

Gen2 Collection INFO (Minting Now)

PTC Phoenix Odyssey is a 800 Uniquely made individual Utility NFTs. Color schemes follow the 10 core colors used in OG NFTs. Chance at super Rare, higher Quality Versions (randomly minted based on % chance so luck of the draw).

ℹī¸ Collection Name: PTC Phoenix odyssey

đŸ“Ļ Supply: 800 NFTs

⛓ī¸ Network: BSC

📎 Maximum NFT per wallet: No Limits (10 NFTs per transaction)

💲 Mint Cost: 0.38 BNB - 0.49 BNB

🗓ī¸ Mint Here:

💎 Accessible to public for mint

PTC Phoenix Odyssey collection mint will be done in 2 phases.

First Phase includes 200 NFTs being sold at the price of 0.038 BNB. Second Phase will start right after, and the remaining 600 NFTs will be at the price of 0.49 BNB.


  • Reflection claims in bep20 XRP + basket of assets from [classified]

  • BTCB Faucet Contract gated to Phoenix NFTs. (Phoenix will get 3x more on claim than OGs.)

  • Exclusive First Access Window to Simulated Mining of PBTC final addition of Ecosystem when it launches much later down the road.

  • Other Passive income as we grow!

The collection consists of a Phoenix with 800 unique clothing items with 10 matching Fur & background colors on them. Around 5% of this collection are Super rare. You can see an example of each of the colors down below:

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