What is PXAv2?

PXAv2 Token is an Arbitrage Token, treat it like Day Trading. It is not a long term hold asset like PTC or other deflationary Tokens. It is designed to be traded constantly so as to incrementally increase your bep20 XRP Holdings. Tokens like this are designed to go up and down rapidly from trading and arbitraging. Look at it as a ticket to day trade for more XRP than you started with!

It is a trading pair of XRP/PXAv2 available only through our dApp (not on PancakeSwap).

🔘 PXAV2 Token Contract:



Note 1: PXAv2 Portal tickers including the reflections rewards amount are updated every 100ms

Note 2: Reflections are calculated based on the PXAv2 tokens amount held.

Note 3: Just holding PXAv2 won't make you eligible for the Reflections claims if you don't have a Phoenix NFT in wallet.

Note 4: The claim button for BEP20 XRP reflection rewards as a Phoenix holder will be available 24/7

Note 5: Gas fees for PXAv2 may be higher than what you're used to on BSC, hence why the taxes for this token had to be as low as we could make them (1.85% on Buys, 5.15% on sells, 7.0% in total)

PXAv2 Tokenomics

Contracts Ownership are transferred to Multi-sig along with any PXAv2 that belongs to Treasury. This will ensure function abuse cannot be done, nor can dump selling on investors.

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