PTC OG Coin (Gen1)

Welcome OGs

You believed in us and the PTC project and our collective vision so much when the token was effectively worthless. As a way to thank you, we created a very limited NFT collection which was free to mint. These NFTs will become valuable collector’s items in the future when PTC becomes more scarce, more valuable, and has more utility.

Gen1 Collection INFO (Minted Out)

PTC OG Coin is a 200 Supply limited mint reserved for PTC Holders (+600). Every 20 NFTs minted results in a different color background for minted NFTs (10 colors in total)

ℹ️ Collection Name (Opensea Link): PTC OG Coin

📦 Supply: 200 NFTs

⛓️ Network: BSC

🗓️ Mint date: August 2nd (Minted Out on August 17th)

🖇️ Contract Address: 0x62c4f71D91B0b8270180bde7a7883F3ff6C5438B

Only way to get your hands on PTC OG Coins now is through secondary markets.

Here's the Opensea marketplace link to the collection: PTC OG Coin (Gen1)


  • Collector's item and digitally verifiable proof of being an OG

  • 10% Discount on Phoenix NFTs (Rebate)

  • BTCB Faucet Contract Claim gated to OG NFT Holders. (Claim 3x less than Phoenix NFTs)

  • Access to the OG DAO

The collection consists of a rotating coin with 10 different background colors. You can see the Heads and Tails of the coin down below:

As mentioned in the Roadmap, we are planning to create a small DAO within Discord that will only be accessible to OG NFT holders. This will provide more utilities to our community, such as Alpha Hunting, and serve as a hub where we can freely share our opinions. This is a rough idea as of now, but more information will be available in the future.

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