Expanded Functions:

  • Rebasing at 1% a day auto-compounding (already coded in) [effects PXAv2 in LP as well] toggle on/off type of function

  • Negative Rebasing at 2% a day [effects pxav2 in LP as well] toggle on/off type of function just like positive Rebasing

  • Manual Mint (To Treasury)

  • Manual Burn (From Treasury)

  • Set Max Supply Ceiling (Currently at 240k)

  • Buffer Price System (Trading Price is always 10% less the true market price from LP logic calculation which deters LP drain exploits)

  • Taxes are adjustable (put in for transparency because we don't see a reason to change the taxes. The burn and custom fee percentages may change however to be less aggressive which is of course good for investors)


  • Custom Fee of $0.50 in BNB auto swapped to BEP20 XRP and auto added to LP

  • Burn 10% of PXAv2 token Bought

  • Buy Tax Breakdown: 1.50% to Treasury in Bep20 XRP 0.35% to Reflection claims in BEP20 XRP for Phoenix NFTs


  • Custom Fee of $1.00 in BNB auto swapped to BEP20 XRP and auto added to LP. Custom Fee on Sell should always be double Custom Fee of Buy

  • Burn 100% of PXAv2 tokens sold + 100% more PXAv2 Tokens based on number of Sold tokens from LP. Effectively burn double the amount of sold tokens pre tax altogether

  • 5.15% Sell tax Breakdown: 4.0% back to LP in BEP20 XRP 0.5% to Treasury in BEP20 XRP

    0.65% to Reflection claims in BEP20 XRP for Phoenix holders

Cumulative Total Tax on a round trip:

  • 7.0% total (1.85% + 5.15% = 7.0%)



The Tax system has been kept as low as possible to maintain original vision. 7% is three times less than other appreciating assets. (Usually 20-25% for others). The Breakdown is done to ensure liquidity health is preserved especially as effectively mitigating sells.

Custom Sell Fee:

This is a key Fee designed to forcibly thicken the backing LP over time on both Buys and Sells and is very powerful when used in conjunction with the Taxes and is a reason the taxes had to be as low as possible also. Even if everyone sold, Each seller would contribute 4% of their Bep20 XRP gained from selling from the total 5.15% Sell Tax to the LP + $0.25 of BNB swapped for XRP automatically and then auto routed into the liquidity pool contract.

Over-burn Mechanics:

Burning out the PXAv2 Supply is a key to helping price appreciation when used in conjunction with the Taxes, custom fee, and injections funded by revenue streams. This system is very different from auto burn or buyback and burn systems you may have found in other tokens as it is designed to burn 100% of Sold tokens + that exactly same number of tokens burned from the LP. We call this over-burn as it is far more aggressive than other systems and burns more than 100% of tokens.

Buffer Price:

The price people will be trading at will always be 10% less than the true market price based on LP logic. This Buffer Price along with other mitigation systems helps guarantee the BEP20 XRP side of LP cannot go to 0!

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