Advanced Tokenomics

We will be using a Simulated Mining System complete with a “Block Reward” every determined interval of time for one user. “Miners” use assets rather than real hardware to mine PBTC. These assets have simulated hashrates based on set formulas. Winners of Block Rewards will have to claim them manually, with no deadline or expiration of claiming.

Users should be able to see their simulated hashrate in the dApp as well as few other handy metrics:

  1. Total amount of PTC Tokens Owned

  2. Total Phoenix NFTs Owned

  3. Total amount of PBTC owned and total amount won along with number of block rewards successfully won

  4. Hashrate for Total amount of PTC Tokens held

  5. Hashrate for Total number of Phoenix NFTs held

  6. Total Cumulative

Below is the halving table for PBTC token, which occurs every year over 10 years:

Halving every 1 year / Over 10 years











Total 21,003.46875/21,000.00

PTC mining hashrate formula calculation:

PTC Token price x 1,000,000,000

Example price of PTC is 0.0000004

We do 0.0000004 x 1,000,000,000 = 400

This will be BASE Hashrate

Now we do the second part of the calculation

PTC tokens owned / 120,000,000,000

Then multiply it by 10

Then Add 1 to value

Then multiply it with the BASE Hashrate

The outcome is the final Hashrate, Read the two examples provided to you to understand better.

Obviously the total hashrate from all participants is a factor. An individual miner's chance should be based on:

  1. Their hashrate in relation to the total hashrate of the network. This user hashrate is the subtotal hashrate of all held assets that are used to mine. Tokens and NFTs

  2. A random chance Luck Mechanic that in a way works against the system and so sometimes lower rate miners will win when statistically speaking they shouldn't have. Base random chance modifier 1%

Users will pay the 1 time fee of $25 in BEP20 USDT.

Once this is done, an Entry Ticket NFT will be issued to their wallet and that wallet will be included in tracking for the mining system. Much like the Warfi, War Haven NFTs, these cannot be transferred by users. They can be blacklisted in the event of a wallet theft/compromised wallet with new replacement NFTs being issued by the team.


System must be future proofed to use the Pool Share mining system in addition to Solo mining.

Mining Pools will allow groups of miners to pool hashrate together to increase chances of winning block rewards. If a pool wins, then participants within the pool are rewarded according to contribution levels meaning miners with higher hashrate in the pool will get bigger piece of the rewards.

There should exist Opportunity for up to Three separate mining pools to be turned on and incorporated into the dApp for users to join.

USERS will always be defaulted to Solo mining and must manually join a pool.

Other factors:

  1. Entrance Function into the system: $25 of USDT one time per wallet (Sent to PTC Project Multisig Treasury). This grants lifetime access to Mining PBTC for the wallet that pays it. Mechanically speaking this tells the contract to include the User's wallet in the mining process and count their assets used to mine PBTC.

  2. Phoenix NFTs: As promised to Phoenix NFT Holders, they will get exclusive First Access to PBTC and have their NFTs equal a fixed amount of simulated hashes per NFT owned using the following formula: Number of Phoenix NFTs × 100h/s.

  3. Ability to add other tokens to the system for use in mining PBTC using the same formula of live price of asset × amount of asset held. This is so we can sell these slots to partner Projects. Core: PTC Phoenix NFT Extra: Token Slot 1 Token Slot 2 System needs to be able to adjust the hashrate calculation of assets to ensure fairness to PTC & Phoenix holders.

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