What is PBTC?

PBTC is a token designed to bring the advantages of Bitcoin to the Binance Smart Chain. It operates as a BEP-20 token paired with BTCB and follows the same supply and distribution model as Bitcoin, with a total supply of 21.5k tokens (21K tokens are assigned to the exclusive mining window) and a halving mechanism every year.

To mine PBTC, individuals can hold PTC tokens, which are the native tokens of the Prosperity Truth Coalition platform. By holding PTC tokens, users can actively participate in the exclusive PBTC mining process and receive rewards based on their contribution.

In addition to mining, PBTC serves multiple purposes on the Binance Smart Chain. It can be utilized as a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a collateral asset. Furthermore, PBTC grants access to various features offered by the Prosperity platform.

🔘 PBTC Token Contract:


PBTC has no taxes or extra functions at all because it's supposed to be as close to bitcoin as possible.

PBTC Tokenomics

PBTC Contract Ownership is renounced and LP Cake Tokens are burned to null (LP locked).

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