NFT Utilities

Gen1 Utilities:

  • Collector's item and digitally verifiable proof of being an OG

  • 10% Discount on Phoenix NFTs (Rebate)

  • BTCB Drip Faucet Contract Claim gated to OG NFT Holders. (Claim 3x less than Phoenix NFTs)

  • Access to the OG DAO

Gen2 Utilities:

  • Reflection claims in bep20 XRP + basket of assets from [classified]

  • BTCB Drip Faucet Contract gated to Phoenix NFTs. (Phoenix will get 3x more on claim than OGs.)

  • Exclusive First Access Window to Simulated Mining of PBTC

Since the Drip Faucet utility is mutual between Gen1 and Gen2 collections, and it is the only utility that requires an explanation from Gen1 utilities, you can find information about mostly Gen2 utilities below and the Drip Faucet shared in the same section mutual for Gen1 and Gen2.

Here's a comprehensive overview of our NFTs utilities and their benefits:

  • Reflection claims in BEP20 XRP: This utility is only gated to Phoenix NFTs and is not dependent on the number of the NFTs you hold. By holding at least one Phoenix NFT, you also need to have PXAv2 tokens in the same wallet to be eligible for the reflections to accumulate for you. The reflections are generated from the PXAv2 token Buy/Sell activities and the amount of the accumulated rewards for a holder, is based on the PXAv2 tokens they hold in that wallet. (Check the Functions section under PXAv2 Token category for tax percentages).

Merely holding PXAv2 will not make you eligible for Reflections claims unless you also have a Phoenix NFT in your wallet, and vice versa.

Phoenix NFTs do not act as a multiplier on generating rewards for holding more than one, since this is the only utility for them accumulating rewards based on PXAv2 amount held.

  • Basket of assets from [classified]: This is basically going to be a portfolio of bluechip assets all in one contract having it's own page on our dApp showing each and your totals. We’ll reveal more about this utility as we get closer to it's milestone on our roadmap. It will become our target of development and closer to launch.

  • BTCB Drip Faucet Contract gated to OG Coin (Gen1) and Phoenix Odyssey (Gen2) NFTs: This is similar to a traditional Drip Faucet which the claim option for the accumulated BTCB is available 24/7 and you can claim anytime you want as either an OG or Phoenix holder or even both. It is not advised to collect frequently and if your rewards are sitting there for 2 months, you can still claim at anytime. The more NFTs you hold, the more BTCB will be generated for you through the Faucet. As we mentioned before, OG Coin NFTs generate 3x BTCB less than the Phoenix Odyssey NFTs.

Here are some preliminary numbers for the PoH and BTCB faucet: (These are estimations using 70k portfolio/5% ROI income rewards/1k monthly compounds)

Revenue a month$2550Invest. Amount$71000

PoH pool




NFTs drip


Monthly Compound




Monthly income rewards

5% ROI

NFT Share0.46ROI

Gen1 (x1)


Gen2 (x3) - $80



Gen2 (x3) - $120



  • Exclusive First Access Window to Simulated Mining of PBTC: PBTC is the final addition to our Ecosystem when it launches much later down the road. You will have Exclusive access to PBTC Simulated Mining Window as a Phoenix Odyssey NFT holder. The Mining Window, along with the Basket of bluechip assets and the BTCB Faucet, will feature NFT stacking, which works as a multiplier for rewards when you hold multiple NFTs PBTC is going to be its own project with heavy tie ins to PTC project, will be built on L2 blockchain (More likely BSC). We will be updating and adding more information when the time comes for this as it will be a huge utility!

Note: We have a timeline on the roadmap and an specific order of delivering each utility. The utilities will be developed in the following order: 1) BTCB Drip Faucet 2) Basket of Assets (The final name is not revealed yet) 3) PBTC Exclusive Simulated Mining (Will have a long dev cycle)

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